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Is your vehicle not starting? Is your tire flat? Have you driven off the road? At Hinauspalvelu Kalevi, formerly known as Hinausapu Kalevi, we provide premier towing services in Joensuu.

Whether you’re in Joensuu or anywhere else, we are here to help! Call us anytime; we are available 24/7 to assist you!

We are your local towing and roadside service company from Joensuu, operating throughout the Pohjois-Karjala region of Eastern Finland. Ready to assist anyone stranded on the road, day or night.

Contact Hinauspalvelu Kalevi, and we will take the proper measures to help and assist you.

We will safely deliver your vehicle to a car repair facility. Because we work directly with Finnish insurance companies, we can bill them directly, easing the process for you.

Remember, when you need towing in Joensuu, reach out to Hinauspalvelu Kalevi – your trusted local service, previously known as Hinausapu Kalevi.

Tire assistance

Do you have a flat tire?

Ignition problems

Car not starting? Need a new battery?

Other services

Pulling to the left? Car stuck in a ditch? Car stuck in your yard?

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